Whoops BNF & RTF Drones

NewBeeDrone Whoops are the ideal drones for anyone looking to enter the exciting world of First-Person View (FPV) drone flying. Whoop drones, known for their small size and ducted propellers, offer a safe and fun way to practice acro maneuvers, race through tight spaces, or capture stunning indoor and outdoor footage.

NewBeeDrone offers a variety of Whoop drones to suit your needs and experience level, including BNF (Bind and Fly) and RTF (Ready to Fly) options. BNF drones require you to connect them to your existing FPV transmitter, while RTF drones come with everything you need to start flying, including a transmitter, goggles, and batteries.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing NewBeeDrone Whoops:

  • Easy to Fly: Whoop drones' small size and ducted propellers make them easier to control than larger FPV drones, perfect for beginners.
  • Durable Design: NewBeeDrone Whoops are built to take a beating, with strong frames and prop guards that can withstand minor crashes.
  • Versatility: Whoop drones can be flown indoors or outdoors, making them perfect for year-round fun.
  • High Performance: NewBeeDrone Whoops offer impressive power and agility, allowing you to perform a variety of aerial maneuvers.
  • BNF & RTF Options: Choose the right option for your experience level, whether you're a seasoned pilot or just starting.

Popular NewBeeDrone Whoop Models:

  • NewBeeDrone AcroBee65 BLV4: A great BNF option for beginners, featuring a powerful motor and durable design.
  • NewBeeDrone AcroBee75 BLV5 G4 BNF HD w/ DJI O3: A feature-packed BNF drone with a built-in DJI O3 Air Unit for stunning HD footage.

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