Altitude Adapt - Nitric Oxide Oxygen Booster

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Altitude Symptoms – Gone in Minutes!

Don't let altitude sickness keep you from enjoying your trip. The symptoms of altitude sickness are caused by insufficient oxygen.

What is Altitude Adapt?

Adapt is a fast acting lozenge clinically proven to help your body more efficiently deliver and utilize oxygen. Whether you're skiing, biking, hiking or just out having fun, Altitude Adapt will boost your endurance and performance at higher altitudes!

What People Are Saying...

"Every year I take my annual ski trip in Colorado, migrating from Michigan. I am 48 and for the past 5 years the adjustment to the altitude has gotten harder and harder. I work out and run 3-4 miles a day leading up to my trips and continue to have trouble adjusting. Mostly I suffer from nausea the first 2 days. I have tried antacid, pain relievers, and ginkgo biloba - with no luck. It made me start to question taking skiing trips.

This year at the Teva Mountain Games, I saw the Altitude Adapt jackets and I asked what it was. They were kind enough to give me samples to try that night and also the next morning. I took 2 at bedtime and 2 the next morning, I was able to have a full breakfast and ski a full day and felt the best I have in 5 years. I am already looking forward to next years trip and Altitude Adapt will be in my shaving kit for sure."
Bob Lazzari, Michigan

"I have participated in several triathlons and consider myself to be in tip-top shape, but altitude always ruins the first several days of our Colorado vacations. This year, I tried Altitude Adapt and I had no symptoms! In fact, I gave it to my husband and my kids - all of us felt a tremendous difference!"
Jenny B, Michigan

"I took my family to Machu Picchu Peru last year - the altitude there is over 11K feet. We all felt the effects of altitude symptoms, especially headache. But Altitude Adapt saved our trip. We had plenty of energy for sight-seeing and evening activities."
Elton A, Florida

"My son had a lacrosse tournament in Vail last summer and we were all worried about their teams' ability to compete in the altitude. Altitude Adapt was our secret weapon and we felt great!"
Jill G, Texas

"I measured my oxygen level with an oximeter before I boarded the plane for Vail. It was 99%, which is normal. When I landed in Colorado, it was at 93%! I took an Altitude Adapt and got it back up to 97% in no time!"
Kristin H, Italy

"I live in Colorado and am a buyer for a ski rental store as well as an avid biker. I took Altitude Adapt before a ride and felt I could push through and ride longer than I normally do."
Randy P, Colorado

"I would like to tell you about what is, in my opinion, the greatest product on the market for altitude sickness for the general public. I run a ski shop in Keystone Village Colorado. At an altitude of 9280 feet, when a customer walks into my shop and has symptoms of sickness, I immediately recommend Adapt Altitude for a quick response to a cure. The reason why I highly recommend this product for locals as well is because of my experience with it.

I had walked into work early one morning and was a little under the wind from a friend's birthday party. I had seen the product on our shelf for a while, however I wasn't quite sure of its reliability since I have seen so many products of it kind just not do what it promised it would. I tried the Adapt product to see if it would somehow be different.

Wishing for any relief, I was absolutely amazed by what a fast response I got! I felt 100% better very quickly. I was hooked and am proud to explain to my customers what a great product Altitude Adapt really is. Do not waste money on a bottle of air.

A great energy booster, as well the long list of benefits this product has, make it extraordinary for a lifestyle in the mountains. All-in-all, I truly believe that this product works!"

Marty G, Keystone Colorado

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