Lighting an Emberlit With Sunshine and PunkWood.

by 7Summitsgear.com7. July 2013 22:55


Get a free EmberLit Storage sleeve with any EmberLit Stpve purchased from


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GEIGERRIG Smack Down - RIG Guardian Pack Testing

by 7Summitsgear.com25. June 2013 17:43


Geigerrig G4 Guardian
2 liter hydration engine

2 hard shell frames
Compression straps
Drop the hydration engine between 2 guardian frames, synch them down using the compression straps, then pressurize your hydration engine
Provides quick, powerful spray in a low profile pressurized guardian pack

All GEIGERRIG branded products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser ("Purchaser") of the product and is not transferable. During the two year warranty period, GEIGERRIG will repair or replace, at its option, only the defective part of the pressurized hydration pack, Hydration Engine, or valve at no additional charge.
Additionally, GEIGERRIG offers a lifetime guaranty against leakage on the hydration engine portion of our pressurized hydration packs, including bladders (Hydration Engine), drink tube and bite valve.
Get yours today at

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Hydration Wars - Who's The Best System?

by 7Summitsgear.com2. June 2013 22:00




















Best way to contact us Email

2nd best way Text 801-523-3325

3rd Call 801-523-3325




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EmberLit Stove

by 7Summitsgear.com26. May 2013 15:29

EmberLit Wood Burning Stove

Review By Brad M


It was fairly simple to put together. I’ve used other wood stoves but they were round one-piece units that made it difficult to carry in my pack so this configuration is much better. It packs up nice and flat.


Putting the stove together took a little patience but once I got it down it was easy to repeat.

Put three sides together

 Add the base plate



Put on last side piece

Ready to go

I threw some longer pieces in from the top knowing that they would burn down fast.

Within a minute I was adding larger pieces through the side.

Boiled enough water for a two-person dehydrated meal in less than four minutes.


Flat and easy to carry

Light weight

Easy to use

Do not need to carry fuel



Cookware gets a nice black coating of soot (rub a dry bar of hand soap over the bottom of your pot prior to using and that will help with the cleanup).

You have to find your fuel

This is a handy little stove that I think most users will like. You can have a fire at your camp and basically leave no trace if used properly. I would suggest getting the EmberLit storage sleeve to keep the soot that will accumulate on the stove from getting on everything in your pack.  You get a free sleeve with every stove at

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Easy Care First Aid Kits

by 7Summitsgear.com25. February 2013 07:55

It was Mom's Birthday and we gave her the Easy Care First Aid Kit - All Purpose

Easy Care Makes it easy with complete EZ Care bi-lingual instructions inside each injury compartment.

Be Prepared with Easy Care!

1 Cuts & Scrapes

2 Blisters, Splinters & Stings

3 Bleeding, Wounds & Burns

4 Headaches & Pain

5 Sprains & Strains

6 CPR & Shock


Each packet is self contained and has easy to use instructions. they come in a variety of sizes to meet everyone's needs. We recommend one of these kits for all your family and friends. 

Pick yours up today at 7Summitsgear

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Optimus Vega Vs Optimus Crux Stove performance testing & estimated BTU.

by 7Summitsgear.com9. February 2013 11:44

The first part of the test, was indoors at 70 degrees F. I used a brand new 4 oz. (110 Gram) Optimus fuel canister, and an Optimus Terra Weekend pot with heat-exchange coil.

I timed the stoves with valves "wide-open" at heating 16 oz. (1 pint) of 55 degree F. tap-water to a full rolling-boil in the uncovered pot.

Vega in Efficiency Mode (Upright canister) 1 minute, 32.9 seconds. Impressive output!

Vega in 4-Season mode (upside-down canister) 1 minute, 24.5 seconds. Slightly more impressive!

Crux, 1 minute 26.6 seconds. Always impressive, one of the hotter stoves on the market.

Since I am trying to compare the Vega BTU output to the accepted 10,200 BTU output of the Crux, here's the Vega estimated "wide-open" BTU based on a ratio of boil-times.

Vega in Efficiency Mode (Upright canister) = 9458 BTU (please note the 4760 BTU on the Vega Box and Katadyn website is average BTU over the life of a cartridge. That figure is based on CE testing, and is not the usual way U.S. stove manufacturers test their stoves! Testing is normally done here "wide-open with full cartridge."

Vega in 4-Season mode (upside-down canister) 10,447 BTU, which is below the 12,500 BTU shown on the box and website. Shows that the above test I did is "somewhat conservative." Maybe I used colder water?

Part II

Cold Temperature Vega vs Crux Test.

Yesterday morning it was 17 degrees F. outside, with no wind.  I tested the Vega in 4-season mode with a nearly empty 4 oz. Optimus fuel canister.

Boil time of 1 pint of water was 2 minute 42 seconds.

The Crux lit, but barely heated. By the time its flame went out in about 5 minutes, the water had only heated to 100 degrees.

Then I lit the Vega again and it still had a great flame, but I froze out before I could time another boil test.

Reveiw  by Ray Brooks

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Key Benefits of the new Optimus Vega stove:

by 7Summitsgear.com9. February 2013 11:22


Key Benefits of the new Optimus Vega stove:Key Benefits of the new Optimus Vega stove:


The new Optimus Vega remote canister stove combines all of the great pluses of a remote canister stove, with the ability to burn in liquid-gas mode (4-Season mode). This added versatility lets you run the stove in traditional upright mode (Efficiency Mode) for optimal efficiency and flame control or, with a simple twist, invert the canister to deliver liquid gas directly to the burner.

 This configuration diminishes reliance on internal canister pressure, greatly improving cold-weather and low-fuel performance, and boots stove output significantly anytime speed really counts. It compares most closely to the new MSR WindPro2, but The Vega has been engineered to perform better and weigh less.

· Inverted Liquid-Gas Mode: Increased cold-weather and low-fuel performance with more consistent output across all fuel levels with built in canister stand 

· Most Efficient: Remote burner allows the use of an, included with stove, windscreen for maximum efficiency, even in harsh conditions 

· Lightest weight & most Compact: One of the most ultralight and compact remote canister stoves on the market. Weighs just 6.3 oz.; fits in a one-liter pot- (MSR WindPro2 stove is 6.6oz.

· Most Versatile: Supports large pots for group use; compatible with bake ovens (Lower profile 6.5cm and more stable than WindPro2 at 8.5cm height. Vega has wider legs than WindPro2 for use with larger pot sizes)

· Priced right: $95 retail price @


Efficiency Mode: the stove gets best fuel-efficiency in upright canister (Efficiency-Mode) vapor gas mode.  Simmering  is also best in Efficiency Mode.

Why the Inverted Canister Mode (4-Season Mode) is important.

·         Cold  temperatures: this translates into lower pressure in the gas canister. As a result your stove does not perform at usual power.  Invert your canister and continue cooking in liquid gas mode at constant pressure. Depending on the conditions, you may be able to operate your stove in 4-season mode in temperatures down to approx. -20°C / -9°F. By contrast, a full cartridge upright canister stove isn't much good in temperatures lower than -5°C / 20°F.

·         Nearly empty cartridge: when the gas level in your canister is coming to an end, the pressure level is dropping and the stove is losing power. In that case you can continue cooking in 4-Season mode at constant pressure until the canister is completely emptied.

·         Turbo boost: when a very fast boil-time is needed, the canister can be flipped around. Cooking in 4-season mode is about 30% faster than in vapor gas mode. However, consumption is about 15-20% higher.

Boil time: as little as 3 min/L in 4 Season Mode and 4.5 min/L in efficiency mode depending on climate etc.
Burn time: up to 160 min at max. output (230 g canister) in efficiency mode
Dimensions: 130 x 70 x 65 mm / 5.12 x 2.76 x 2.56 inches
Kit includes: complete stove, windscreen, storage bag
Power: 3,700 W / 12,580 BTU in 4 Season Mode and 1,400 W / 4,760 BTU in efficiency mode
Technology: Gas (Butane, Propane, Isobutane)
Weight: 178 g / 6.28 oz


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Adventure Medical Kits Dental Medic

by 7Summitsgear.com2. January 2013 09:54

The Dental Medic

Complete first aid for your teeth.


Over the holidays a friend of ours stopped by for dinner and we noticed he was having a hard time eating, and asked him what was wrong.  After his story of having his dental appointment canceled right before Christmas and New Year’s break and the next earliest time he could get in was in 2013 we decided to break open a Dental Medic and see how good this really works.

Inside the Dental Medic you get 1 Dental First Aid Instructions, 1 Tea Bag, 100% Natural Pekoe Tea, 2 Anbesol/Orasol, Benzocaine 20% .75 g, 1 Dental Wax Temporary Filling, 1 Temporary Cavity Filling Mixture, 5 Cotton Pellets, 5 Cotton Rolls, 1 Dental Floss, and 3 Tooth Picks. 

After reading the instructions we applied some of the Anbesol/Orasol, Benzocaine 20% .75 g for the pain and it immediately begun to work.  We then placed a cotton roll between his cheek and gums and started to apply the temporary dental was filling.

It only took us a few minutes and he was able to eat and enjoy the rest of the holidays.

Don’t let a bad tooth ruin your adventure get The Dental Medic by Adventure Medical Kits.

Order yours today at 7SummitsGear

By Tom Varoz


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Outdoor Hands

by Administrator24. October 2012 10:31

Outdoor Hands Review

I have tried so many products for dry cracked hands over the years and nothing seems to work! Other products I have tried offered no help at all or would just sting, burn, feel greasy or just smell awful. Well along came Outdoor Hands! I finally found something that instantly soothes and heals my dry cracked hands.  So if you are tired of dry sore crack hands and nothing else seems to be working give Outdoor Hands a try.  I promise you wont be disappointed.


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Rock Out Portable Speakers By Goal Zero

by Administrator17. October 2012 15:18

The Rock Out Portable Speakers are a great way to listen to your music while hiking, camping or just hanging out with friends. The speakers are light weight and have plenty of sound. You can charge them right from your solar panels or charge them using a USB port. You can easily link them together with other Rock Out Portable Speakers.

Our thoughts:
  • Great Sounds
  • Works with multiple media forms
  • Light weight
  • Charges using solar or USB.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.

We recommend the Goal Zero Rock Out Portable Speakers!

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